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81% of Companies in Ireland are Struggling to Attract Talent

Talent Shortages at a Record High in Ireland in 2023

81% of Irish employers are having difficulty finding skilled talent, the highest figure recorded since the survey began. “Businesses in Ireland are experiencing the worst talent shortage on record.” said John Galvin, Managing Director, ManpowerGroup Ireland.

Businesses are proactively trying to hire, but more than eight in ten are struggling to find the talent they need, more than at any other time in the past two decades ManpowerGroup has been tracking talent shortages. This is set against a backdrop of decreasing job applications, increased job-hopping, and increasingly higher salary expectations from candidates.”

To combat these sectorial shortages in employers are turning to upskilling programs, expanding the available talent pools and recruiting via skills as opposed to experience. There is also an increase in recruitment company support for these sectors as larger scale companies have access to a greater depth of candidates suitable for these roles.

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Skills in need are also changing with self reliance skills and IT knowledge taking precedence in the current environment. Employers need to consider what skills are essential and what can be taught over time. The luxury of a candidate with a 100% match is unlikely in the current environment.

Shifting demographics, including shrinking birth rates and the rise in early retirees, means talent is scarcer than ever before. This is particularly being felt by Small & Medium sized companies.

Employers are planning to deploy a number of strategies designed to counter the effects of the current talent shortage in the market. The most popular is offering greater flexibility regarding hours at 52% with nearly 1 in 3 planning to increase wages again this year in order to make their organisation more attractive for staff.

Download Our ManpowerGroup Ireland Talent Shortage Report 2023